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A Circus Without Elephants

A lighthearted memoir filled with family stories

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Maralys Wills

Maralys Wills---Bio

Maralys Wills calls herself a “genre-hopper.” Her twelve books span no fewer than six different genres, though this wasn’t her intention when she began witting. “In the beginning,” she says, “I just wanted to write. The genre-hopping was an accident.”

Her fiction works include four romance novels published by Harlequin and Silhouette, and a techno-thriller about airplane sabotage. The N.Y. Times called SCATTERPATH “exciting, down-to-the-wire stuff . . . her cockpit sequences all but put the reader at the controls.”

Among her non-fiction works are MANBIRDS: HANG GLIDERS & HANG GLIDING (Prentice-Hall), a party game book, FUN GAMES FOR GREAT PARTIES (Price/ Stern/Sloan), and her family story about the sons who were hang gliding champions, HIGHER THAN EAGLES (Longstreet Press—in 2010 re-published by Stephens Press). Sadly, the Wills family lost two sons to the sport, and Wills’ account of those years--initially exhilarating, then tragic--earned her high marks in Publisher’s Weekly and Kirkus. HIGHER THAN EAGLES garnered five movie options, including from Disney, and today is once more under consideration by film makers.

Wills’ book on addiction, SAVE MY SON, is the result of years of trauma with an addicted son. During several years of research in four states, Wills found not one, but many solutions to the addiction problem.

Her recent, light-hearted memoir, A CIRCUS WITHOUT ELEPHANTS, earned a national award from Writer’s Digest. In 2008, Stephens Press published the sequel, A CLOWN IN THE TRUNK, (an Indie award winner).

After years of teaching creative writing, Wills was gratified that Stephens Press also published her writing book, DAMN THE REJECTIONS, FULL SPEED AHEAD: The Bumpy Road to Getting Published. Within three weeks, the book won First Place in its category from USA Book News, and later a First Place from the Indie awards.

Wills is the mother of six children--five boys and a girl. Her husband is a lawyer. She studied at Stanford and UCLA, earning a B.A. and a teaching credential. She once helped her sons run a hang gliding manufacturing business, but after the family tragedies she went home to write books.

For the past 22 years, Wills has taught college novel-writing, and in 2000 was voted “Teacher of the Year.” In addition to frequent speaking engagements, she has given numerous writing seminars---at UCLA, UC Riverside, UCI, Orange Coast College, Cerritos College, and at writers’ conferences across the country. She is a past president of the Orange County Chapter of Romance Writers of America.

Books by Maralys Wills:

Damn The Rejections Full Speed Ahead

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Hang Gliding with Higher than Eagles

A poignant hang gliding memoir

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