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A Circus Without Elephants

A lighthearted memoir filled with family stories

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Maralys Wills


How was I to know that someone would discover a YouTube that showed my friend, Stephanie Edwards, introducing me as I waited to give a speech?  She's as beautiful and gracious as you all think she is.  Here it is, a brief and wonderful film. 

Stephanie Edwards Introduces Maralys Wills in Los Angeles


Maralys Wills appears on The Author Show through September 2011. In this interview she discusses one of her latest books, Damn The Rejections: Full Speed Ahead, and talks about writing and publishing in general. The show airs at The Author Show website through September 2011.

Book Reader's Heaven—Review: Maralys Wills Writes For Every Author!

Women on Writing interviews Maralys Wills about her latest memoir, a Circus Without Elephants, and how she keeps levity in her writing, despite tragic events.

Books by Maralys Wills:

Damn The Rejections Full Speed Ahead

THE book on how to write a book!

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Hang Gliding with Higher than Eagles

A poignant hang gliding memoir

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Hang Gliding: Higher than Eagles


Damn the Rejections
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